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Allow me to bring your vision to life with a custom commission, a furniture flip, or an oil painting no matter the scale or desired material. Also available under the commissions category are murals and stage sets, provided with a custom digital rendering to your specifications.


Furniture Flips

Find what you love among my existing furniture flips, or bring me your own piece in need of some TLC for a creative and fun transformation that will give it new life! 

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Get in touch with me if you have something specific in mind! Whatever the material or project, I am confident I can deliver exactly what you envision for this work of art.

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Oil Paintings

Shop for the perfect addition to your collection. Each oil painting is unique and different, painted from my own photography. Scale varies and materials are generally canvas or wood.

My Work For Sale

Blue Water

Purchase Information

Please email to discuss payment options to find what works best for you! 

Pricing for shipping will vary and will be totaled at conclusion of purchase in addition to listed price.

My Gallery

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My most recent exhibition,
"Peaking Through Change" for the Flagstaff ArtX Festival 2023

I would like to thank ArtX Flagstaff, Creative Flagstaff, City of Flagstaff BBB Revenues, Flagstaff Arts Council, and for such an incredible opportunity to create.

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My Portfolio

Get to Know Me

Find my latest work below through my social media platforms! 

Instagram: @maccentuated

TikTok: @maccentuated

Concrete Wall


Mac Barnes is an oil painter and digital artist from Flagstaff, AZ. She has been a featured artist in ArtX Flagstaff and participated in Art in the Park art market, and was commissioned by June Jam music festival to create a custom stage backdrop. She received a Tanner fellowship grant to paint a series of personality portraits during the summer of 2019, presented to St. Lawrence University’s art department and published in the Underground magazine, as well as featured in the St. Lawrence University magazine and on Instagram. Her digital project is built upon her painting series mentioned above, focusing on aspects of personality and portraiture.

Artist Statement

My work is a compilation of fragments and aesthetic ideas coming together in unexpected ways. My compositions are situated in abstract forms and constructions with elements of naturalism. I employ the use of segmentation and extreme close-ups in some instances to border the realm of the unrecognizable and revel in anonymity. Inspiration exists in seeking out the unseen, whether it be the reflection of a puddle or the inner texture of a strawberry. I invite the viewer to look closely and reflect upon the subjects of my work as I seek to form new connections and relationships. I believe the unseen can offer creativity to anyone who will stop and consider it.

My portraiture combines a stroke of realism with that of the conceptual essence of an aura, or personality. The diminutive idiosyncrasies possessed by every individual around me inspires my drive to capture their inner essence in an oil painting. I strive to find the fine line determining where a stranger becomes a friend, and challenge it. Does friendship have to be defined by intimate knowledge of another, or can it be evoked through an intimate visual depiction? My portraiture series spans a vast geography to question the existence of familiarity outside of our own social location and spark a nostalgic recognition in the viewer.

Learn More


Please get in touch for more information about Maccentuated, to discuss possible collaborations, commissions, or for any media inquiries.

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Image by Anna Kolosyuk
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